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No Matter The Event or Job We Have You Covered. Find The Provider You Need When You Need Them.’

Bookable Entertainment

Hosting a Event? Ready to give your guest a experience? No matter if it is private or public gathering find the entertainment that will not only ensure your guest have fun but provide the experience they didn’t ex[! XMotive hand picks all of our contractors to ensure a smooth celebration.

Website Management

Running a Business? Having an Event? , Getting Married? no matter the need our website design and management services takes the burden off of you by designing, and updating your site content as needed when needed.  

Business Marketing

Marketing your business is essential that’s why we ensure it is our priority. Marketing with us gets your business listed in our directory, and marketed on our social media platforms.

What is XMotive?

We are an interactive marketing management company. We provide digital, and hands-on tools needed for businesses, non-profit organizations, and freelancers to succeed. The goal is to help everyday people find businesses that tailor to their needs, and everyday wants. No matter if you are looking for the perfect vendors for your event, or  the perfect date night vibe we are here to match you with our partners, and staff to make whatever the occasion special.

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Book The Dance Team

Hosting an event, booking a DJ, and adding decor is just the basics to any community event. When you choose for your guest to not only have fun but have an experience this is where our Dance Team program shines the most. 

XMotive Legends delivers an experience like no other that your guest will always remember. Hype your crowd, and impress your friends, co-workers, and associates by booking our dance team to bring life to your event today! We cater to your event needs with the latest, and popular hip hop music.



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