Let's create Marketing Magic.

Your Digital Presence All in one solution.

We strive to bring your business, services, and events to light without all the unnecessary stress. Marketing as your partner, and not just another marketing company you hired.

When you succeed we all succeed which is why we do not let each other fail. Listing with us brings all the tools you need to get your business reaching new heights.

When you join our directory we market you as our own. Providing your company with leads, and potential customers. Service providers can have clients book directly from the listing, and request payouts right from our platform. Learn more about what our directory services can do for you, and get started today!

The Sky's The Limit

We can Walk and chew gum too.

Listing with us is different from listing in boring old Yelp or Angie’s list. We provide the tools to make your business successful.

Marketing Management, and Website Management is what we do best. When you list with us you get the best of both worlds and that’s just something you can’t beat.

Listing your business with us stream lines your marketing. Since developing our brand includes marketing yours. We become one marketing force without all the additional hassle. 

We List Events, Services and Talents

From Sports events, Birthday V.I.P Celebrations, Community Events, Artist performances and more no matter the event we list it.

All of our listings go through a detailed vetting process to ensure the reputation of the provider. We want to guarantee great events, honorable service professionals, and awesome talents are being recognized at all times.

Who We List

We provide 


A Few of What We List

Service Professionals

Service Pro's are everything we need, and want from Hair Stylist, Event Host, DJ's, down to Wedding Planners. Clients are able to book a pro right from the providers listing profile.

Event Listings

Concerts, Birthday Parties, Cookouts, Weddings and more. We can help your event get the spotlight it needs. Providing a listing profile tailored to your event, and a dedicated account manager to make sure focus on your event marketing is priority.

Bar & Restaurants

Place listings are for Physical locations such as Event Venues, Stores, Lounges, and Fitness centers no matter the business we have you covered. Listing with us is not just another directory but a marketing partner that works with you, and your business needs.

Talent Professionals

Everything from Arthurs , Dance Teams, Artist, Musicians, and bands. We have you covered when you list with us allow your customers to book you, and leave reviews right on your listing. Turn your hobby into a instant cash flow.

Your Client Booking Made Easy

Listing with us includes a quality booking system for your customers, and a even better administrative dashboard. 

You will be able to view your listing Stats, see how many visitors have visited your listing, Check out your booking earnings, and request a payout of your earnings right from your dashboard. 

Yes, We monitor your reviews.

Our Full Disclosure To You

We do monitor your reviews to make sure you are providing the services that are expected. We want to make sure your clients are happy when they locate you on our platform.  After all your customers are our site users/viewers. Partnering with us means we work as a team, and if one team member slacks it affects the rest of us. 

If you consistently get negative reviews or ratings XMotive will review your account. We will offer what is known as a counsel review in which a representative from XMotive will reach out to you, and your customer to better understand the concern. This is in place to make sure we keep a positive partnership with not only our clients, but their customers.

Stop playing & List with the Best!

$45.00 Monthly Starter Plan
  • 1 Business Listings
  • 1 Month Listing
  • XMotive Dual Marketing
  • Booking System
  • Customer Reviews
  • Listing Photo Gallery
  • Client Messaging System
Most Popular
$250.00 Premium Plan
  • 2 Business Listings
  • 6 Month Listing
  • XMotive Dual Marketing
  • Client Booking System
  • Customer Reviews
  • Listing Photo Gallery
  • Client Messaging System
$350.00 Agency Plan
  • Unlimited Listings
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • XMotive Dual Marketing
  • Client Booking System
  • Customer Reviews
  • Listing Photo Gallery
  • Client Messaging System

Custom Listing Profile

We offer a listing profile for our directory. Which includes features that allow you to upload photos, allow clients to book you, and provide descriptions of your business. Service provider listings include booking capabilities for clients.

Dual XMotive Marketing

Choosing to list with us includes combined digital marketing. We don't just leave you with tools to market your brand we include you in our brands marketing.

Managed XMotive Websites

Reaching your customers in all ways possible is what we do best. We manage your digital presence in every way. Providing a listing profile, and marketing allows for a increase presence of new clients for your company services, and products.

24/7 Email Support

Dedicated support for your listing is our priority. We work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. If at anytime you have a question or concern you may reach out to your dedicated account manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We make sure the businesses or services we list are legit. The information you fill out actually creates your listing profile. We review the information submitted within a few hours up to 24 hours. Businesses that meet the requirement will be approved, and featured. 

All of our work begins as soon as we approve your listing it will begin to appear in the places the listing plan you choose stated. 

We are here to assist you 24/7. You may email us anytime. If it’s to late we will contact you back the next day. If its a website content update please allow up to 48 hours for the changes to be made to your site. (We love you but we need our sleep too)

Yes. We do not require a contract be signed for Business listings or event listings.These listings are based on monthly or yearly plans. When you stop paying monthly the subscription will automatically end. If you choose not to renew for annual plans the subscription will end at the end of the year on the day you started listing. You may cancel the service anytime. Which we are sure you won’t since we are just that good. 

Of Course. You can customize your listing profile how you choose. You may upload photos when you apply, and make changes if you choose to do so later. The more photos you add the better your listing profile will look.

Sure, We actually believe it’s a term we made up. Dual Marketing with XMotive means when you  choose to list with us we market along with your listing. We market your company under the umbrella of our own marketing.We choose to do so as we want you to feel your brand is apart of us but not taking away the independence of your company/brand. We believe your success is our success the more customers you get the better.

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