Something in the water is returning to Virginia Beach, VA it's a movement that has started to shape spring break college students from around the country unified under one umbrella in VA Beach, VA Oceanfront. The event has been motivated, and inspired by award winning, singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, Native Pharell Williams.

After a amazing successful 3 day event last year Pharell Williams is coming back home with another round of SITW (Something in the water) award winning entertainers ,  and a even bigger event. This is for sure one of those events you just should never sit out on it's truly a experience like the 757 area has never seen before live, and up close.

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1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451, United States of America

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  • Event FAQ'S

      • YES Baby Strollers
      • YES Bags, Fanny Packs, & Hip Bags (UNDER 14” x 11” x 5” - Single Compartment Bags Only)
      • YES Beach Towels (Standard Size: Must Not Exceed 30” x 60”) Note: there will be a designated area inside the venue where attendees can sit on their towels. For safety reasons, we cannot allow people to sit on their towels outside of this designated area.
      • YES Chapstick/Lip Balm (SEALED)
      • YES Cigarettes (SEALED)
      • YES Clutch Purses/Small Clutch Bags
      • YES Ear Plugs
      • YES E-Cigs, Juuls and Vape Pens (No AVP/Mods or Liquid Refills for Vapes)
      • YES Eye Drops (SEALED)
      • YES Feminine Hygiene Items (SEALED)
      • YES Gum & Mints
      • YES Hand Sanitizer & Baby Wipes
      • YES Hydration Packs (e.g., CamelBaks) Note: Must be emptied of all liquid and have no more than two pockets.
      • YES Lighters (NO Zippo’s)
      • YES Makeup
      • YES Medication (NO Cannabis Products) Note: Over-the-counter medications are subject to guidelines. See below for more info.
      • YES Mobile Phones
      • YES Non-professional Cameras (GoPros, Flip Cams, etc.)
      • YES Service Animals Note: Service animals must have appropriate paper documentation. See our ADA page for more information.
      • YES Sunblock Lotion (Cream OK - No Aerosol Sprays)
      • YES Sunglasses and Hats
      • YES Water Bottles (Empty, Plastic, Reusable, Non-metal, 32 oz, 1 per Guest)
        Note: Additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of law enforcement or security officials. This list may be modified at any time.

      • NO Aerosol Products (Including Spray Sunscreen, Deodorant)
      • NO Air Horns, Noisemakers, Bluetooth/Aux Speakers or Instruments
      • NO Animals/Pets Note: Properly documented service animals assisting an individual with a disability are allowed. Comfort, therapy or emotional-support animals are not permitted. See our ADA page for more information.
      • NO Audio Recording Devices
      • NO Binoculars
      • NO Blanket
      • NO Chairs (Including Inflatables & Beanbags)
      • NO Coolers
      • NO Drones or UAV Flying Devices
      • NO Firearms, Ammunition or Weapons of Any Kind (Including Knives)
      • NO Fireworks or Explosives
      • NO Flags or Totems
      • NO Flyers, Samples, Giveaways or Promotional Items
      • NO Glass (In Any Form)
      • NO Hi-Vis Vests, Security Shirts or Any Clothing that Could be Considered to Imitate Uniforms of Event Staff or Emergency Services (for Non-Official Personnel)
      • NO Illegal Substances, Drugs, or Drug Paraphernalia (Including Cannabis Products)
      • NO Laptops, Macbooks or Tablets
      • NO Large Bags or Backpacks (OVER 14” x 11” x 5” - No Multi-Compartment Bags)
      • NO Laser Pointers
      • NO Metal, Steel or Aluminum Water Bottles (Empty, Clear, Plastic Bottles OK)
      • NO Misters
      • NO Outside Food or Beverage Note: For guests with special dietary needs, please see our ADA page for more information.
      • NO Pepper Spray/Mace
      • NO Professional Cameras (SLR/DSLR, Detachable Lens)
      • NO Radios/Walkie Talkies
      • NO Selfie Sticks or Tripods
      • NO Sharpies, Markers or Paint Pens
      • NO Skateboards, Hoverboards, Scooters, Roller Skates, Roller Blades or Bikes (Inside the Venue)
      • NO Tents
      • NO Umbrellas/Parasols
      • NO Wallet Chains or Spiked Clothing

    Important Ticket Message

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