XMotive Growing

XMotive is in place with a plan ! Although we are not releasing all that we are doing at one time. This will be the home base to finding out what is next to come.. XMotive is a interactive Marketing Management Company. Check out some of the cool new things we have coming to our brand.

XMotive Legends

XMotive Dance Team is a relaunch of our former Dance Team Program with a new name & Twist. XMotive Legends will be starting out for ages 13-18 years of age. This program is going to be lead by Choreographer Bryanna Cloud.

XMotive Dance Team

Kass Kass Thrift

Kass Kass Thrift Store is a new children tailored thrift store that is coming soon ! A portion of the new XMotive Thrift store will have a percentage of its profit go back into the Dance Team Program, and communities in which the team serves. Although Kass Kass Thrift will be a 'For-Profit' thrift store the funds will be utilized to assist the Dance team programs growth, develop new community events, and deliver affordable children brands to children who need them most.



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