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XMotive, LLC is a Interactive Marketing Management Company that works hard to take marketing to a new level. We were Established July 2014, and were better known for our Dance Team Program XMotive Diamonds. 

Which is a program we offer to young adults in the community to be apart of something bigger, and developing team building. The program consisted of a hip hop dance team in which performed in local Holiday parades, hosted a showcase at the former Hampton, Virginia Performing Arts center, and performed in a lighting boat parade during the Holidays in Downtown Hampton.

XMotive over the years has now matured into something bigger then before with new services that include Website Management & Design, Business Directory Listing Services for things like, Events, Event Venues, Homes & Apartments for Rent and Bars & Restaurants to name a few. 

We are big in wanting to give more to the communities we serve. We must admit in the last few years we redeveloped our company strategy and found a recipe that we believe will serve our clients, and the community in ways a for profit company has never taken it before. 

Renewing our community programs such as the Dance Team Program under a new name XMotive Legends, Developing business to business relationships where we help small,  and medium size businesses compete in sometimes a unfair market for a budget that works for them. We have developed a strategy where community programs is apart of our brand. 

XMotive will be introducing a new program which will co-exist with our Dance Team program called Operation Santa. Operation Santa is coming about to give to children who need it the most a dash of new Christmas spirit. These programs will be sponsored by the services we offer businesses, and a new online thrift store coming soon to our brand.

Creating a brand that takes marketing to a new level making it more interactive, and community involved like never before is what we pride ourselves on. XMotive is a experiment, and always has been. Doing business that serves the community, and not just talks about it is our goal.

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XMotive Dance Team

we work hard to make sure small businesses succeed.


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