“757” Unknown Legendz on Top!

Unknown Legendz is a “757” music group based out of Hampton, Virginia. They are a local famous group among many young adults. The group has recently released music to all streaming services which includes Apple Music, Android Music, and many other platforms. The U.L group has multiple members in which releases music that has a true message that speaks to the unspoken. Recently traveling from VA to NC has been one of the 2019 accomplishments that allowed one of the group members by the name of Knowledge to spread his music amongst many other individuals creating additional fans. The group this year we must say is stepping outside of the box, and it is showing results. This is one of the groups that we would recommend you watch they are on there way to the top. We forgot to mention one big detail their music has not only been downloaded on streaming sites, but also played on a Iheart radio station! Trust me when we say we have had this group apart of our platform since 2015 check out the music you will not regret it. XMotive will keep you updated check out ways to book them at your next event we covering it all here on XMotive.


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